PAL RTC: highest productivity

PAL system logoThe PAL Systems RTC with Robotic Tool Change is the logical (r)evolution of the successful PAL product line. Sample preparation for chromatography is no longer the bottleneck. Automate your sample preparation and sample injections with the PAL RTC.

24/7 Productive

Changing tools enables 24/7 unattended production, even for multi-step workflows. This greatly improves the productivity of labs. At the same time, the safety of the process is optimised because all operations are traceable.

Automation is the way to improve productivity and safety in the laboratory. By leaving repetitive or dangerous manual tasks to a robot, safety is improved. The ability to run the instrument 24 hours a day improves sample throughput, especially for sample preparations with many preparation steps.

The PAL RTC is designed to maximize the productivity of analytical and clinical labs. Robotic Tool Change (RTC) takes sample preparation to the next level. Each process required a number of different tools for best performance. For example, a 10µL syringe for the accurate addition of small volumes, followed by dilution with a 1mL syringe. Robotic Tool Change ensures that the switching between different tools is done automatically.

Robotic Tool Change

Automatic syringe exchange

The new PAL RTC is a robotic platform for efficient automated sample preparation. With the Robotic Tool Change, the PAL RTC improves productivity and increases the number of applications by using six different types of syringe. The autosampler switches between fluid injection, Headspace and SPME methods within a single sample list without the need for manual operations in less than 30 seconds.

The optional Vortex Mixer and different syringe volumes open the door to automate your sample preparation steps.

Manual Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Derivation, Standard Adding and Dilution is no longer required. – With the PAL RTC you have the right tool you need.


The control of the PAL RTC works optimally with CHRONOS software developed by Axel Semrau. This allows you to set the workflow in the CHRONOS Software. All functions of the PAL system are optimally controlled and used. CHRONOS facilitates the creation and management of sample lists because it offers many interfaces and links for many other brands of Chromatography Data Systems (CDS).

CHRONOS shows its strength especially when the PAL has to take time-consuming, automated sample preparation steps that take longer than the analysis itself. Profits can be achieved, for example, in HeadSpace analyses with long equilibration times, but also in SPME applications or online automation (om-estering in the analysis of free fatty acids). CHRONOS is not integrated with the MS data systems, but we ensure an optimal connection between the autosampler and the instruments for chromatography/mass spectrometry.

Manual Liquid-Liquid Extraction, Derivation, Standard Adding and Dilution is no longer required. – With the PAL RTC you have the right tool you need.

CTC PAL RTC Liquid Syringe Tool, Headspace Tool, SPME Tool

PAL RTC Dual Head simultaneous injection

Below is a video in which you see a PAL RTC with two heads performing simultaneous injections.

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