CHRONOS® Software

for managing CTC PAL Samplers and Analytical Systems

CHRONOS® is the ideal platform for automating complex sample preparation steps on the CTC PAL. Software integration with data systems such as ChemStation™, Masshunter or Xcalibur™ integrates seamlessly with existing systems. In addition to exchanging information with other systems, CHRONOS manages entire processes and optimises individual steps in the process with intelligent Time Management, resulting in a significant improvement in system throughput.

A runtime reduction of up to 70% is not unusual.

Time is money!

In most analytical labs, expensive detectors and analyzers are waiting for extensive sample preparation. The result is long waiting times between samples. CHRONOS optimizes the work and that pays off.

Analysis sequence of complex analysis without Chronos 

Analysis sequence of complex analysis with Chronos 


New trends in chromatography such as Fast-GC and UHPLC lead to ever shorter Run times. At the same time, more and more Sample Prep tasks are performed by sample robots. Nowadays, simple injections of Liquid or Headspace samples are extended with tasks such as dilutions, addition of standard, derivatisation, SPE processes and more. As a result, many GC- GC/MS and LC/MS systems are inefficient due to downtime and waiting times. After all, the analytical process traditionally works in series, where the entire run must be completed before the next sample is injected. The detector system must then wait for the sample preparation to be completed.

It is exactly in these cases that CHRONOS Software is used. It optimizes the interaction between the Sampler and Detector systems by spreading operations. The result is maximum loading for each component in the system and significant time savings.

Open Software

CHRONOS controls the Sampler and the MS-Data system, such as DANI Master Lab, Agilent ChemStation, Masshunter or Thermo Xcalibur, from a single list of samples. This list is freely configurable and can be saved as an Excel-compatible xml database. The sample list can be imported from any LIMS system and exported for further processing of the analytical data.

CHRONOS methods give maximum flexibility. All functions of the CTC PAL can be implemented. Complex sample preparation steps can be easily programmed into a simple set of sub-steps. Standardization of all sample lists makes operation easy for end users. A runtime reduction of up to 70% is not unusual. The time saved depends on acquisition time, sampling time and the number of samples in a series. In any case, CHRONOS accurately calculates the time to be saved.

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