CHRONECT® Bionic is a unique multidimensional robot specially developed for laboratories and was developed by a collaboration between Axel Semrau and Mettler Toledo.

Multidimensional robots are the ultimate complement to XYZ robot systems and perform the operations that XYZ systems cannot handle.

Despite the fact that XYZ robot systems already offer a lot in the field of laboratory automation, the technical and spatial work area is still limited. As a result, a number of activities cannot yet be automated.

This is where the recently developed CHRONECT Bionic fills the gap: Multidimensional robots are the ultimate complement to XYZ robot systems and carry out the operations that the XYZ systems cannot handle. Six independently moving joints combined with our CHRONECT software solutions make CHRONECT Bionic suitable for a wide range of workflows.

An example of an application with the CHRONECT® Bionic is the PAL DHR in combination with Mettler-Toledo’s QUANTOS dosing & weighing system.

Features CHRONECT® Bionic

  • Flexible use
  • Optimal addition to XYZ robot systems
  • Works accurately and reproducibly
  • Prevents errors due to manual sample preparation
  • Automation of time-consuming sample preparation steps
  • Future-oriented automation for robotised laboratory


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