Product range for Atomic Spectroscopy

Our product range for this technology is versatile. You can contact us for standards, sample preparation, accessories and consumables for various techniques in atomic spectrometry, such as AAS, AES (flame photometer), XRF and also ICP-OES.

These are briefly explained below.


The quality of your analyzer depends on standards. We offer ISO 17025 accredited inorganic and organic standards (including Conostan) and CRM, which are produced by Inorganic Ventures and SCP Science according to ISO Guide 34. So you can buy both standards and 2nd Source standards from us.

ICP consumables

For most brands of ICP/ICP-MS on the market we supply Nebulizers, Spray Chambers, Torches, Cones and RF Coils. These products from Glass Expansion and Savillex, among others, are an excellent cost-effective alternative to original products from Agilent, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Thermo Fisher Scientific and so on.


Gas generators produce from air ultra pure nitrogen, hydrogen or Air. This allows you to use the nitrogen generated as Purge gas and the hydrogen as a gas for the Collision/Reaction plasma chamber. Depending on your application, we recommend Claind or F-DGSi gas generators.


For the AAS, Atomic Spectroscopy Spectrometer, we offer Multi Element instruments for flame, graphite furnace and/or hydride, as well as consumables.

AES (flame photometer)

For certain types of applications, the flame photometer is an excellent cost-effective tool for quickly determining the concentration of commonly used elements. We represent BWB Technologies with their state-of-art flame photometers.


Horiba Scientific’s Ultima Expert ICP-Optical Emission Spectrometer is distinguished by its low detection limit of 2.5 µg/L. The standard spectral measurement range for this system is 160nm – 800nm. If you have applications for these low concentrations, this ICP-OES may be of interest to you.

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