Automated analyses

    • SCP Science has developed solutions for the automation of sample preparation for ICP-MS/OES analysis and for a number of analysis methods. These are available under the brand name EasyPREP and are summarized below. Follow the links to the individual solutions for more detailed information.


  • Automated Robotic Liquid Handler that has been specially developed for use in corrosive acidic environments where strong acids are often used, such as for the analysis with ICP-MS/OES.
  • BOD-200 performs BOD and cBOD analyses automatically to check for deviating BOD results.
  • COD-200 automates the mixing, heating, cooling and analysis of COD samples.
  • TitrEC automated electrochemical measurements for large numbers of samples
  • Soil Analyzer is a multi-parameter automated groundwater analysis system for performing pH and electrical conductivity measurements in various DigiTUBEs.

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