New module Chronect Workstation Mosh-Moah – AlOx Clean-Up

Automated removal of natural alkanes

Schematic representation of AlOx Trap in Mosh-Moah analysis

Foods contain natural alkanes which, if not recognized, are included in the determination of MOSH. Axel Semrau has developed an automated solution for this, which can be integrated as an additional module in the Chronect Workstation Mosh-Moah.

The cleaning is done with an additional purification column containing alumina column and removing natural hydrocarbons. This solution requires an additional Valve and HPLC pump for the Mosh-Moah. The cleaning can be combined with the automatic epoxidation step. This step prevents natural olefins from entering the MOAH fraction.



Analysis of sunflower oil; display of peaks before and after purification with aluminium oxide



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