PFA C-Flow Nebulizer

New PFA C-Flow s-type Nebulizer

Savillex has launched a new generation C-Flow s-type series of PFA Nebulizers. These are specially designed for ICP-MS analysis of semiconductors and similar demanding low volume ICP-MS analyses. The s-type uniquely combines the sensitivity and excellent washout of a Nebulizer with integrated suction line with the versatility and ease of a demountable Nebulizer.

The C-Flow s-type introduces a new inner design that significantly improves the Nebulizer efficiency  and provides unmatched sensitivity.

Compared to all other PFA concentric Nebulizers, the sensitivity is 10% higher in normal plasma and 15% higher in cool plasma.

Each s-type Nebulizer features a demountable uptake line that is attached to the Nebulizer via a zero dead volume connector. If the uptake line ever gets damaged, it can easily be replaced; there is no need to replace the Nebulizer itself. Competitive demountable Nebulizers often suffer from reduced washout as a result of carry-over.  This is not the case with the C-Flow s-type and is just as good as Nebulizers with integrated uptake line.