SeaSpray Nebulizer for ICP

The SeaSpray Nebulizer of Glass Expansion is the best choice when samples contain high concentrations of dissolved solids. Seawater, brine and platinum baths are just a few examples of SeaSpray applications. However, it is not recommended if samples contain large particles or HF. The SeaSpray nebulizer produces the finest aerosol particles, increasing sensitivity.

SeaSpray Nebulizer – high performance nebulizer for ICP-OES and ICP-MS

Advantages of the SeaSpray nebulizer:

  • The highest sensitivity for each concentric nebulizer on the market
  • Excellent analytical performance
  • Excellent atomization efficiency
  • Perfect for high concentrations of dissolved solids
  • High tolerance for particles
  • The fastest possible rinsing because the sample channel is uniform from the entry point to the point.
  • Quick and easy connection to an LC, IC or HPLC without dead volume when combined with the Glass Expansion LC fitting kit.

Because the SeaSpray is equipped with an accurate VitriCone sample capillary:

  • Is it vibration resistant for the best analytical precision?
  • It has an even internal diameter and a blockage-resistant sample channel
  • Let that consistent Nebulizer-to-Nebulizer
  • Performance see through the highest dimensional tolerances

The SeaSpray Direct Connection (DC) nebulizer is the latest design. It has a UniFit sample connector that glides easily over the sample arm and an argon connector that is configured to connect directly to your ICP.

Advantages of the SeaSpray DC Nebulizer are:

  • Inert metal-free argon connector
  • Instrument-specific Direct Connect flexible argon line
  • Reliable ratchet attachment for leakproof gas connection

DC versions of SeaSpray, MicroMist, Conikal, Slurry, DuraMist, OpalMist and VeeSpray Nebulizers are available for the most common models of ICP-OES and ICP-MS.